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Claim Your Own Path & Make Your Life a Work of Art

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Way of the Artist Podcast

Brandon Colby Cook
& Evan C. Schulte

Uncover Your Blocks, Demystify Your Struggles, Claim Your Own Path… Make Your Life a Masterpiece!

This is an ever expanding podcast hosted by Brandon Colby Cook & Evan C. Schulte discussing how you can become the artist of your life and make your own way in it as a creative being.

— Often the hardest step to take is the first one. In this episode we get into the law of beginning and how you may just need to begin again many times throughout your journey as an artist. We can often get overly focused on the destination and get too far ahead of ourselves. We may even get caught up going about things one way and not see that changing or beginning again would solve all of our challenges in a much easier way.

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